“Hey, everyone! Recently, I’ve been able to speak my mind on topics that are important to me through campaigns. I’ve had the most amazing time working with @mainstreetone. It’s such an easy process. Their display campaigns average a .22% Click-Through-Rate, 4.4 times greater than the industry average of 0.05%. So not only are things easy, but I know that people actually care about the causes I’m working with!

So far, I’ve spoken about health and black activism – topics that I care deeply about. Currently, I’m working on a Black Lives Matter campaign, which I admire MS1 for hosting. Now is the time to voice your concerns. Now is the time to speak up. Now is the time to let the world know how you feel. Thank you to Main Street One for reminding me how important it is to use your platform for the betterment of our community. If you’d like to get involved, be sure to contact me. Thank you!