As brands strive for great authenticity amid increasing distrust of ads, companies, and the media, People First provides an alternative path to build trust by partnering with “your friends and neighbors to win you over” to a brand. People First uses analytics to identify and source authentic creators across any channel who can promote brands through trusted messages and trusted messengers.

“When you use real people, the average share rate is about six times higher than what a brand will do — it’s 300 percent more likely to be remembered,” People First founder Curtis Hougland told Digiday.

This strategy puts People First in a unique position to monitor and promote sensitive topics for brands, like Genexa and Culturelle. People First has also helped brands break into new and existing social platforms in a poignant way. “Everything that we do is 100 percent transparent as to who the brand is, who funded it,” Hougland said. “There’s no fraud, there are no bots, there’s no sock puppets. There’s nothing that’s dark about any of it.”

For example, People First has helped Genexa source over 400 unique stories about the importance of clean medicine over the last several months. “This authenticity is invaluable in modern marketing,” CMO of Genexa Kelli Lane told Digiday. 

Buoyed by personal stories and backed by analytics, People First and MS1 help brands deliver a message that is authentic and well-received. Word-of-mouth advertising has never been more effective.

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