Every day people say in social and mobile media what they believe and what they want to hear. So, we built technology to tell you how and when to change their minds.

People are most influenced by members of their community, who share their affinities and beliefs. So, we built a network of 6.3m content creators and social influencers.

And, we put them together to win narratives online for campaigns, causes, and companies.


A team of information warriors

  • Amber J. Adams

    Senior Director, Editorial

  • Stone Van Camp

    Digital Strategist

  • Ryan Davis

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Vanessa Davis

    Senior Analyst

  • Walter Deleon

    Account Manager

  • Joe Drymala

    Political Director

  • Jack Heyden

    Account Manager

  • Curtis Hougland

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Tea Medellin

    Account Manager

  • David Merkel

    Chief of Staff

  • Micah Morris

    Business Development Director

  • Magda Muszynska


  • Fallon Oeser

    Content Strategist

  • Christophe Ortega

    Account Director

  • Corey Phillips

    Senior Digital Relational Organizer

  • Hermo Quispe

    Digital Relational Organizer

  • Ben Resnik

    Senior Director, Insights & Innovation

  • Adam Thompson

    Content Strategist