After months of social media organizing in support of the Amazon union in Bessemer, Alabama, the MS1 team was disappointed to learn that employees voted against forming a union. 

While it is difficult to watch Amazon yet again prevent unionization among their workforce, it has been an honor for MS1 to support the Alabama workers in their courageous fight, and to continually support workers throughout America as they fight for their rights. 

Unions began to form in this country during the mid-19th century amidst the rise of the Industrial Revolution. Since then, millions of Americans have advocated for fair wages, health benefits and just treatment on the job. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with our rapid, global consumer culture, further reinforced the need to protect the country’s workers. The fight for a fair workplace continues every day, and MS1 is proud to promote personal stories from our creators about how unions helped them feel heard and supported in the workplace.

MS1 sourced content from 19 creators over the course of two months and were able to reach over 125,000 social media users in Alabama and across the country. Our creators delivered an average engagement rate 2.3 times higher than the industry average.

As the country reimagines the speed and efficiency at which we work, workers’ stories will be the key indicators of what is tolerable and what takes advantage of laborers. From the frontlines to the assembly lines, MS1 remains committed to showcasing the personal stories of American workers and helping them advocate for their rights.