Effectively persuading voters is getting trickier, and the avenues we use to reach them are becoming more crowded than ever. When progressives lost the internet in 2016, they knew winning it back wouldn’t be easy. As misinformation grew more rampant, it became clear that the old methods of outreach, turnout, and even persuasion weren’t going to cut it. And while trust in politicians and traditional means of advertising eroded, trust grew between Americans who saw eye-to-eye on the issues.

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Main Street One was born out of a simple idea: no matter your industry, product, service or audience, people are your best messengers. We saw an opportunity to truly persuade Americans in 2020 by tapping into their networks, by speaking to them on common ground. Over the last 18 months, we harnessed this people-power across America: from Florida to California to New York to Montana and every state in-between. We amplified the real stories of real people beyond their friends and family. 
From August 1st through election day, over ten thousand creators participated in one of our campaigns. Their stories on climate change, equality, healthcare, the economy, and their passion for their communities moved the needle in this election. These progressive voices didn’t just invade the internet in 2020, they conquered it. Here are the stories that owned the day on November 3rd.