In a broadening of our company mission, which is already built on the amplification of voices, we’re launching the first-ever network of senior (age 55+) content creators and social influencers for deployment in political and social cause campaigns. 

This network will offer access to more than 600,000 credentialed creators through our influencer CRM of more than 3.4 million, the first influencer network for political and social change. 

Access to basic rights such as healthcare and housing for seniors is under political attack in 2020. Seniors are statistically the most susceptible to death from COVID-19, according to the CDC. Seniors are also the number one target of disinformation, according to USA Today. At the same time, they are one of the most powerful forces in American politics, handing Trump his winning margin in 2016 and turning out at twice the rate of 18-to-29-year-olds in 2018.

In response to these unprecedented threats and opportunities, the network will harness the political power of senior content creators and social influencers to create and distribute authentic messages on behalf of progressive campaigns and causes. 

“Seniors decide elections, and they are digitally savvier than ever,” says our very own Curtis Hougland, CEO of MS1. “Yet, the digital messages crafted for seniors are too often created by young digital consultants, who don’t share their lived experience. The most persuasive messages are created from fellow seniors who share belief systems. Authenticity — real people sharing real stories — will trump bots, trolls, and sock puppets every time. Having performed more influencer campaigns in politics than any other organization, we are proud to deploy this digital army of seniors on behalf of important causes in their community.”

Approved organizations can identify and recruit influencers by their locations, professions/former professions, ages, races, genders, and network compositions through MS1. In this way, creators can be recruited on an opt-in basis based on how they match specific, targeted audiences within geographies and affinities. The vast majority of approved creators do not post primarily about politics — making their content even more powerful when they do. 

As part of our network, we also analyze the discourse among seniors in order to derive credible messages rooted in organic conversation.

“Main Street One makes it easy to support the causes I care about over social media” said Karen Harris, 56, of Ocean City, MD. “It’s nice to have the support of a team who understands seniors when crafting content on issues that matter most to us. Seniors are under attack right now, and we can be a powerful force for positive change in 2020.”