At Main Street One, we coupled cutting edge tech with a brand new way of persuading American voters. Democrats lag behind Republicans in the skillful framing of narratives, so when Curtis Houghland came on to helm Main Street One it was to execute on digital political persuasion in a way that would rival and surpass what was being done across the aisle.

In his appearance on Ad Age’s “Ad Lib Podcast,” Curtis broke down how MS1 employs a combination of digital analysis and virtual organizing to reach and persuade voters through familiar voices and then track, dissect, and improve upon the performance of that outreach.

Through the launch of MS1’s Senior Activated Influencer Network, we are refining our approach to reach a diverse range of voters across America and hit them with honest messages from their contemporaries.

Take a listen to Curtis’ full interview here to get a better sense of what MS1 is doing now and what we’ll be implementing in the days ahead.