MS1 recently partnered with Ontario’s Fair Path Forward campaign to help educate families in Toronto and surrounding areas about Canada’s carbon tax rebate. 

Canada’s progressive strategy to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change involves taxing corporations based on their carbon usage. The money that the government makes from the tax will then be returned to citizens in the form of a carbon tax rebate that grows over time as the tax on corporations increases. 

Research showed public opinion on the tax rebate benefitted when people simply learned more about it, so MS1 created a peer-to-peer campaign that set out to do just that. 

Our campaign included 68 unique stories from Canadians, who explained how the carbon tax rebate could benefit them and their family. By using credible messengers in the Ontario community, MS1 was able to reach 1,274,268 people across Canada with an average engagement rate of 2.95%, which is 8% higher than the industry average for a political campaign.

Our website and social media posts also drove users to Fair Path Forward’s rebate calculator, where Canadians could get a snapshot of how much money they would get back from the tax rebate. As a result, over 100,000 more users visited the rebate calculator this year than last.

MS1 remains committed to helping organizations advance progressive ideas within their communities, and we’re proud to have contributed to Fair Path Forward’s mission to combat climate change in such a meaningful way.